Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bahamas Personal Trainers

Looking to get physically fit for the summer?

Let Dominique’s Brand New Body Program get you the results you always wanted….

If it's weight loss you are after, did you know you can burn more calories with an intense weight training program than a running/jogging program? Learn the benefits of working with free weights from our fitness experts. Whether male or female, there is a need for resistance training and depending on your goals, the number of repetitions, weight lifted and frequency of workouts will all depend on you and your needs.

The biggest fable about weight training is that weightlifting makes for bigger muscle. Weights don't always mean big bulky muscles. A combination of heavy and light weights, moderate repetitions induces toning, rather than bulky muscle growth. We will work closely with you to get you looking the way you always have wanted to look. We have the qualified experience, personal trainers, and fitness knowledge to get you to your goals and desires in the shortest time.

If you want those flabby bits under your arms to disappear, trim your waistline, lose excess fat off your back, tone your hips and thighs, just give us a call or drop us an email today. We can improve your physique through an intense weight-training program created specifically for your body's needs.

We are a unique network of independent highly experienced personal trainers in Nassau available to Nassau clients seeking a serious training regimen with a dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainer.

Once you contact us and provide some basic information, at no cost we will find you the personal trainer in our network most suited to helping you achieve your goals.

Matched for your schedule and location, the trainer will work with you one-on-one or in group sessions in our designated gym or in your home. A customized body shaping program and meal plan will be designed and implemented with you to achieve your fitness goals and objectives.

Don’t delay, we are only limited to 6 to 8 clients for concentrated effort and results.

Contact Dominique Lightbourne:
Phone: 434.0355/454.7809/328.8750